Bon Bon's without the pounds!

At the end of a long day I can't wait to take a relaxing bath. Baths are the best way for me to recharge and rid myself of a days stress. I am so excited to be able to tell you about some ways to liven up your bath and enjoy some sweets without the extra pounds. Open Sundaes has some delightful products that are full of creativity and guaranteed to recharge your skin!

In the picture above are Bon Bon Bath Melts. These are just the right size for your bath not to mention they are really pretty. You only need to use one Bon Bon to create a delicious aroma filled tub that leaves your skin feeling silky. The Bon Bon's use cocoa butter to moisturize dry skin and I promise - it works. You just drop one tasty delight in the tub and watch it fizz into action. I think that this would make such a cute gift!

Open Sundaes has an irresistible frothing bath Cake Mix. You add a heaping spoonful to your half full tub and after your soak - the results are obvious. It come in Strawberry Shortcake and White Cake - it really smells like someone has been cooking. I love this because it is such a unique alternative to bubble bath and it makes my skin really hydrated. I also enjoy the tempting aroma wafting from my bath tub. Nice to find some unique ways to liven up my bath time!

You'll also find a too-cute honey style bear filled with a body scrub made with ingredients like brown sugar. The Bear Body Scrub is a great way to exfoliate skin and it has anti-bacterial properties that come right from the sugar. See - sugar can be good for you! If you are craving a piece of cake the Soak n' Melt Bath Dessert looks like a yummy piece of cake! You add it to your bath and enjoy the luxurious effects of ultra-moisturized skin. Although it comes in three flavors - I'm loving the strawberry mouse & birthday cake!!

They have these great bath bombs that are available in scents for adults or you can indulge your child with the boy or girl bath bomb. Connor thought that the boy bath bomb was really cool. It made it easier for me to get him into the tub and he is still curious what happened to it after it dissolved. Even cooler - there is a surprise for your child inside the bomb. My favorite thing about it was that when he got out of the tub his skin was incredibly soft and he smelled so good!!
You can also get bath bombs from Open Sundaes in scents like cotton candy, citrus, shirley temple, and sweet pea.

In short - if you like bath and you have a sweet tooth make sure you check out Open Sundaes. This is a great site to bookmark for gifts and holidays. You can find lip gloss, candles, lotions, and more available from them as well. The packaging is really cute. I love that the Bon Bon Bath Melts are in a cute clear box that is even tied with a ribbon!Best Blogger Tips

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Alicia said...

I wanna eat those bonbons!! They look fantastic!

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