MyPlate Mate

Here's a lifesaver for parents with kids who are independent. Actually, it's a must have for any parent who wants to be able to eat their dinner at the same time their child eats. I'm sure you are looking at the picture above going....hmmm...what is the world is that? It's the MyPlate-Mate and it has made dinner time a breeze. You simply place a plate inside the ring shape, it has a ridged area to put your plate into and it will keep it in place. The point of this contraption is that your child has an easy wall to press her food up against as she struggles to get it on her utensil. It is quick to put on, easy to take off, and fast to clean!

Here are some reasons why you should definitely try the MyPlate-Mate on your munchkin's plate. It is perfect to keep in your purse or diaper bag. I feel pretty silly bringing a special plate to put my child's meal on in a restaurant but I didn't feel weird about putting the MyPlate-Mate around the plate they served his meal on. The result was a dining out experience without food falling off the sides of his plate and a meal that he could actually feed to himself. For once, the whole family was finished eating at the same time. Another reason to try it out - it is so affordable at only $7.95. You can get two and not feel guilty. You really don't need to buy very many. I suggest one for home and one in the diaper bag for going out. You could also leave one at grandma's house!

I have a video on the way of this great gadget in action. I apologize but this week I am having technical difficulties with my camera/video camera. I will be investing in a new one this weekend and by Monday the missing pictures and videos will be up. Thanks for bearing with me - technology is amazing when it works but it makes me go crazy when it malfunctions!!!Best Blogger Tips

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