Back to School Week - Fun Accessories for your child!

These items are too-cute and they look like so much fun to put in your bookbag. It makes me remember getting my bookbag packed the night before with nervous anticipation. I don't really miss school but I do miss that excited twinge in my stomach and the year's worth of new possibilities ahead!

  • The Grow Journal is available from Nodins Nest on Etsy. The cover is removable so that your child can refill and reuse this notebook all year long. My favorite part is that it's unique and handmade - it just makes it more special!
  • The Sticker boy/girl Bubbles are from Kazaa on Etsy. The reason I like these cute little stickies is that they are perfect for labeling your munchkins stuff and for writing messages for the teacher. The little boy's bubble could say - "I need to ride home with Travis" and I think if you stick that instead of just writing it - not only is it cuter but it attracts more attention!
  • If you could get a choc-o-later for only 6 dollars, what are you waiting for? It's not candy but it does smell like chocolate and it makes math work that much more fun. Its also solar powered. You can pick up yours from Kikkerland.
  • Kikkerland is also home to the Robot Pencil sharpener. This little guy is only $6 and he winds up when you sharpen a pencil - then he walks. This is just too much fun for me and my little man!
  • Rubbermaid's Hipsips My Stuff Water Bottle is a fun alternative to the usual plastic. I love that is comes with a spot to put notes and messages in, plus the stylish wrap makes an excellent insulator. You can pick one up at Target.
  • Room It Up is not just a great place to pick up a backpack - you can also get a coordinating 3 ring binder. This adorable Polka Dot Binder is only $15!
  • Who says rubber bands have to be boring? I am enamored with the zoo animal rubber bands at Wishing Fish.
A last minute addition is the Scrap N Stuff Umbrella by Alex. I wish that I could have had an umbrella like this one. It is a scrapbook and an umbrella in one. If your child gets bored with the current pics or doodles they can change them easily. It's a great way to promote individuality and creativity, not to mention a great conversation starter on a rainy day. You can pick one up here!Best Blogger Tips

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