Back to School Week - Too Cute Bookbags!

Here are a couple of my favorite backpack options for you to check out! I hope that I have found something that strikes your fancy!!

  • Rockingham Plaid bookbag available at Target for only $29.99
  • The Boho Backpack from Room It Up is just $25
  • The Crazy Daisy Messenger Bag is also from Room It Up and $30
  • You can find the Patches Backpack at Little Jet Set and it will set you back $54 - but it is super cute!
  • Little Jet Set also has the Peace Backpack for $50 from Dante Beatrix
  • The Hugs Backpack can also be found at Little Jet Set - this one will run you the highest at $64.95
  • You'll find the personalized monkey backpack at Mulberry Moon - you can get it monogrammed and that included will only cost you $28.50
  • The Monkey Toddler Backpack is another Dante Beatrix design and you can find that at Tutti Bella - the cost is $36.95
  • Tutti Bella is also the place to get the Julius Backpack - you'll pay $54.95 for the fun monkey bag!
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