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AngelRox has created a heavenly line of clothing for any mother. My favorite item is their Wide Leg Trouser Jean! You might wonder why this jean is so incredible in my eyes and it's because of the unique mesh waistband. The waistband can be folded to your desire but when pulled up it gives the perfect smooth tummy and it makes an awesome pair of maternity jeans. An added bonus over maternity pants is that the mesh waistband allows airflow and keeps you from feeling so confined. I am at the beginning of my 9th month and these wide leg jeans are incredibly comfy. Even more impressive, they look great on my non-preggo best friend (we were the same size before I got pregnant). So finally - some maternity jeans that are worth the splurge because they are not really maternity - they will be wearable even if you are not expecting.

Another thing to check out from AngelRox is the adorable Angel Wing Tunic. This tunic can double for maternity as well! The cotton lycra blend is incredibly soft and stretchy. The long tunic length is perfect for concealing a growing belly and the neckline is easy to stretch while nursing. The material is amazing because it instantly bounces back to it's original shape. It's also cool and light. If thats not enough for you then the whimsical angel wings on the back should strike your fancy. I'm completely enamored with AngelRox! How often do you find clothing that doubles for maternity & stylish mom? If it works for me at 9 months and my gal pal at no months preggo - that is something to write home about! Check out the pics below of me wearing my new favorite designer!

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Missy said...

You are so adorable with your pregnant belly! I love the wings on those shirts! I must have one!

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