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Eebee Adventure Play mat & Activity Play House has won the parent's choice gold award and it was easy to see why as soon as I opened this fun play mat! I was originally intrigued by the vivid colors and stripes on the mat, but as I started to play around with it I was amazed by all it had to offer. When it comes to a play mat for your baby this is a smart investment to make because it will grow with your child. My 3 year old thought it was really fun and 4 month old Jaden enjoyed it as well.

The pad is really thick and comfy. It is smartly designed with easy to Velcro sides so that you have the freedom to create the shape you desire. It's nice to lay the mat completely flat for a baby or to set it up vertical for visual stimulation. If you have an older child you can construct tunnels and houses - Connor had a ball trying to build his own creations with it.

Each of the 6 squares that make up the play mat have unique ways to stimulate your munchkin. The hair on the little boy is just the right size for little hands to grasp and has a fun feel to it. The polka dots have different textures to touch and the little blue shade can be pulled up to reveal a window (fun for playing peekaboo). It also has a mirror and a water mat to play with. The removable circle makes a jingling sound and Jaden enjoyed using it as a drum. Connor used it as a wheel. I love that this mat allows children to be so creative!!

Eebee has created the perfect play station for little ones! You can save 10% off your purchase at Eebee!!! Just enter the word eebee in the coupon code box when you go to checkout. Check out the video of Connor & Jaden playing with the
Eebee Adventure Play mat & Activity Play House:

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Missy said...

I am ordering some of their books. They look so wonderful!

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