You are what you eat

I fight a constant battle with under-eye circles. I try to get enough sleep but there is never enough hours in the day. I honestly believe that even if I was sleeping beauty I would still have dark circles. They are just part of my DNA.

Enter Befine's Food Skincare! Befine uses ingredients that are found in your food so that they are easy for your cell's to digest. Their products are natural & paraben free! I read up a little on parabens because I was curious about why it mattered if they were in your skincare. Some research suggests that they can alter hormone production - possibly causing problems in pregnancy, lowering sperm count, and increasing the risks of breast cancer - these studies are not concrete, but why risk it? Befine's Food Skincare is paraben free!!

I recently started to try out their Miracle Eye Serum. The product is created to help erase dark circles. It's made with cucumber & flax seed oil. It comes in four eye blossoms and each one has enough treatment in it for a week. When I applied the treatment to my eyes I felt a slight tingling and then a cooling effect. Although I have only used up one of the blossoms thus far, I can see a lightening occurring!

Another Befine product that combats dark circles is the Eye Brightening Treatment. This cream had a gentle texture and it uses technology to help illuminate your skin. It was quick and simple to apply and it seemed to give my eye area a wake up call! The product is made using seaweed peptides & avocado oils in a combination that helps to tighten & lift your skin. This helps to rid you of fine lines & "eeek" wrinkles!

Befine's Food Skincare also has products like cleansers, toners, & moisturizers. They use other ingredients found in coconuts, mushrooms, apples, lemons, sugar cane, and even willow bark. Visit Befine to see the complete menu and to discover the product that is best for your skin!Best Blogger Tips


Anonymous said...

I have this exact problem. Sleep, lack of sleep, diet, whatever. None of it makes a difference. Does this seriously work? I mean, honestly. Does it?

caitmin said...
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