Sleep Sound CD

Sound Sleep for babies - this has been a lifesaver around my house. Something about the muffled sounds is soothing to not just my son but to me as well. It is has been amazing in helping Connor fall asleep at night. It has the same effect on him that watching golf on tv does on me - instantly drowsy. We just leave it on repeat and Connor sleeps sounder & longer during the night. I've also found that having the same sounds playing each night has been instrumental in setting a bedtime atmosphere that makes him feel safe.

This useful CD has been scientifically designed from recorded sounds from the womb. It has a mother's rested heartbeat & it reminds babies of their safe & cozy womb. Honestly, I was less than sure how this CD would work. I did test it on a toddler and not a baby . Yet , it has worked wonders to soothe an almost 3 year old and I think if it can do that - I bet it could really work miracles with a baby! The most amazing thing it did for us was to bring back the nap. Naps had become non-existent in our home but for some reason the Sound Sleep CD calms Connor enough to get him to nap.

You can purchase this CD from Bare Babies and when you do you can save 20%! Simply enter the code nwb20offss at checkout to get your exclusive savings!!
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Chris said...

I might have to try that CD.

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