Busy Body Book

Keeping up with your family's busy schedule can be a nightmare. What drives me crazy is that they never make calendars that have a slot for the whole family in one place. I end up toting around Connor's calendar, my calendar, and my husband's calendar. I can only imagine what it is like for parents with more than one child and kids that are involved in lots of after school activites.

Thus - Busy Body Book has arrived to help save our sanity and keep us organized. You can get a book with 5 slots for each day or even one with 7. That means you might have an extra line for the family pet, too!!! It has been so nice for me to be able to look in one place and see what Connor, me, and hubby have to do all at once. It has also helped to lighten the load in my purse and prevent scheduling conflicts. The Busy Body Book even has easy tear out to do lists at the back of the planner and a whole page for notes for every week. Seriously, this planner is a huge help with organization!!

Another great option available from Busy Body Book is the 7 Column Weekly Fridge Pad. This is so nice because everyone has their own column. Maybe they would actually write down things on this themselves? How nice if your children could keep up with project due dates and birthday parties! Now if this would also drive everyone to where they need to go....Best Blogger Tips

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