A Tuffet anyone?

The Tuffet is a cool mom-invented product that was inspired by trying to create a safe place for baby to learn to sit up. Instead of having to surround your baby with pillows - the Tuffet is soft no matter where they fall! I just love this useful product! Connor has found all kinds of ways to use it. He uses it as a train track, a reading spot, a place to nap and watch his favorite movies. He has also decided it is a fun pad to jump onto from the couch (when he does this he calls it his swimming pool - fitting since it is blue). The Tuffet is available in 4 different fabrics (corduroy, micro suede, twill, and denim) and a variety of patterns.

It is also an amazing place for a baby! We let baby Jaden (only 9 weeks old) relax comfortably on the Tuffet. She was happy there for quite a while and her mother was able to use her hands for a little while. The Tuffet is smartly designed with a slip cover that is easy to remove and to toss in your washer. Kids & babies are constantly having accidents and it's nice to be able to keep the Tuffet looking good as new! The Tuffet is also available in 2 sizes (30 inches & 36 inches) and you have the option of purchasing a bean pack to add more filling as your child gets older. This pad is 5 inches thick, trust me, it is comfy - and it has two pockets on it that are great for storing diapers. Connor uses them as handles to move the Tuffet around and he sometimes uses the pockets to store his trains. Below is a video of Connor & Baby Jaden using the Tuffet:
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