I can never have enough bags. Bags are an addiction for me but until finding Funtote I had yet to discover a tote bag that was both cute and really functional. The designs on the bags at Funtote were actually created by an artist and their creations are individually silk-screened onto your tote. The bags were designed to last and made with 100% natural cotton canvas. You can toss your bag in the washer and it will still look beautiful even after you have washed it a dozen times. I don't know about you but somehow I always end up with random crumbs or even spilt juice in my bag - nice to be able to clean it easily for once! An added plus - these eco-friendly bags are also biodegradable!

Another reason I am a fan of Funtotes is that they have created tote bags that actually have some organized storage. They have a side zipper pocket that is so great for tossing your wallet or keys in and then being able to locate them quickly! The bag also has 3 internal pockets that make organization a possibility in your life. When you go to look at the cool designs Funtote has to offer, chances are you'll run into the same problem I did - choosing just one. The bags are so affordable ($30) that you might as well pick up two!

One trick I have learned is to keep a couple pre-made tote bags for different occasions in my car. I keep a bag for eating out (with disposable placemats, coloring books, sippy cups, etc...) and also a bag for the park (sunscreen, blanket, football, frisbee, juice boxes, etc...) in the back of my car. You never know when these items will come in handy. I know that I have gotten a great deal of use out of my dining out bag. Thus - why not create a prepared bag that is really stylish as well? Below are some pictures of my Funtote:

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