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Here's a way to let you eat your meal and your toddler to eat their meal simultaneously and without the usually mess. Salmon Luke has cleverly designed a kids dining set called the Me-Feed-Me. This cute dish & utensil set was created for children around ages 1 - 4. It is the only kid's eating set made using Hygienik. Hygienik is a material that has been tested to help stop the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria, mould, mildew and fungus, these nasty little guys can lead to deterioration, unpleasant odour and discoloration on the surface of your plastic dinnerware. Thus - with Salmon Luke's dinnerware (the only one using Hygienik) your plates and spoons will hold up despite your best scratching & scrubbing attempts!

I was really impressed at how easy the Me-Feed-Me system made eating dinner for Connor. Typically when he is trying to scoop up his food it ends up falling of the edge of the plate and landing on the floor. He constantly needs assistance to eat, which drives him crazy & deprives me of the ability to eat my dinner. The Me-Feed-Me has raised sides and the corners are designed to allow the spoon or fork to fit. Connor had no trouble feeding himself and the after dinner mess was significantly less. He even managed to eat corn with no trouble and I got to finish my dinner with the rest of my family! Visit Salmon Luke to get your own meal time helper (they also have it available in pink!). Below is Connor using his Me-Feed-Me dining set:

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Susan said...

I just checked this out, and am ordering a set for my grandbaby- and he's not even at the eating stage yet! Fantastic product!!! Thank you for your insight, and for passing it along!

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