Daydream Toys

I was so inspired when I read the story about how Daydream Toys came to be. It all began with a dad who noticed his children constructing forts out of pillows. He took this childhood pastime and used it to help him invent Squashblox! These clever building sets have velcro sides that allow you to erect whatever your child can invent. The soft, pillow like material gives your child's creation the perfect texture for jumping on & destroying. The blocks are also easy to decorate with the various accessory kits available from Daydream Toys.

Connor wanted to build a rocket. He had a great time playing inside the Squashblox formation we built together. My favorite part was how easy it was to deconstruct and clean up. The various flat blocks are easy to stack & store. Connor also enjoyed using them as his form of lillypads and leaping from one to another. I love that this toy gives your child the power to use their imagination!

Daydream Toys has also has a fun toy called Color-your-own. We got the chance to build or own Noah's Ark. Although the construction was a little advanced for a 3 year old - it certainly didn't keep Connor from enjoying the Ark. He helped me construct the cardboard 3D Ark and has since spent hours letting the animals get in and out of the ark. It has also become a great way in his mind to transport his cars over the imaginary ocean in his playroom. He loved that the ark had windows and doors that opened - even better to him was that he got the paint it (the paint is included in the kit). He is a thoughtful painter, so it has taken many afternoons to get the ark looking the way he desires. If you aren't into designing your own ark - you'll also find a castle, farmhouse, and convenience store!

The toys that you'll find from Daydream Toys are so unique and special! They all allow your child to be the inventor and their imagination is in charge. Watch the video of Connor enjoying his Daydream Toys and make sure you visit them to see what they have for your family!
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