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After about 3 minutes of tummy time, Jaden gets really fussy from her legs flailing around and getting carpet burn. When I put on a pair of Lil Leggums from Precious Necessities, tummy time became a breeze lasting 5 - 10 minutes without the fussiness!

Lil Leggums are baby leg warmers. You can put them on babies legs to protect their legs from crawling around, tummy time like in Jaden’s case, easy diaper changes, or you can put them on babies to make really adorable outfits! They come in all kinds of colors and styles, and best of all they won’t put a dent in your wallet. Not only does Precious Necessities carry Lil Leggums, but they also have the cutest baby and toddler hair clips.

The Precious Necessities hair clips are made to stay in babies and toddler’s fine hair. This is great for babies like Jaden because she really does not have that much hair at all. The clips range from flowers with swarovski crystals in the middle to pretty ribbon clips. These too are priced fairly!

Precious Necessities also has custom embroidery and nursery decor. The font options are endless when you decide to have something embroidered at Precious Necessities. You can have embroidery done on one of the items in the online shop or you even have the option of sending in the item you would like embroidered. It was amazing to find out that you could also send a picture of a frog, moon, etc.. that corresponds to your nursery theme and have that item embroidered as well. I made a few vague suggestions about a blanket I would like and the blanket that was created for me was so much cuter than I could have imagined. If you are interested in having something embroidered you can send an email to the owner Natalie
(natalie@preciousnecessities.com). She is extremely kind and helpful!

You can check all of these precious items out at PreciousNecessities! Look at the pics of Jaden with her adorable hair clip and lil leggums! Also make sure to look at the custom embroidered blanket that Connor is cuddled up with - the fabric on this blanket was unbelievably soft!

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