Sun protection is always an important issue to my family since my husband has had problems with Skin Cancer. We always try to keep a good coat on Connor whenever he is leaving the house. I was really excited when I came across Supergoop! This organic sunscreen is amazing. It is filled with vitamins A, C, & E and it is made without unnecessary chemical additives or artificial colors. Supergoop is safe for the whole family - no more toting around baby sunscreen & mommy sunscreen.

My favorite product from Supergoop is the Super Thick Touch Up Stick. It was quick & easy to apply to both my face and Connor's. We could also reapply throughout the day without getting lotion all over us - very nice on a sandy beach. This little stick fits right in my purse and it's always there when we are unexpectedly outdoors. Plus, it is much easier to put on a toddler or baby than lotion!

Supergoop was also smart enough to make a suncreen that combines bug repellent with sun care protection. It is so nice to only have to apply one coat instead of putting on the two one after another and it comes in a convenient spray form. Supergoop has also thought to come up with sunscreen sets for whatever fits your lifestyle. You can get the Super Summer Set (our choice), the Camp Kit, Cabana Kit, Super Sun Safety Set, or even the Newborn Starter Set. Visit Supergoop today to see what they have for your family, with over a million new cases of skin cancer in the US each year - you can never be too careful with your family's skin.Best Blogger Tips

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