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Golden Key Toys has quickly become one of my favorite places to purchase high quality and educational toys. The family run online store has made it their goal to sell creativity inspiring toys that are from all over the world. I was really impressed with the toys that we found at Golden Key Toys.

My favorite thing on the site was Automoblox. These are the coolest toys! They are very well made - the body is made up of solid beech wood. The best thing about these toys is that they are like a puzzle with endless options. The vehicles will pull apart and you can mix the parts from other vehicles to make your own unique auto. The wheels are also removable. The people who are enjoying a ride in their Automoblox also can be removed but the seats are cleverly designed with corresponding shapes. One figure's base is shaped like a triangle and will only fit in the triangle seat...another a square and so on. How nice to find a toy that forces your child to think! I took the pick up truck apart and within a short period of time my almost 3 year old had rebuilt it. He tends to get bored with toys after a period of time but this one keeps making reappearances out of the playroom! I am eager to get more Automoblox so that he can create new combinations!

Another cool toy we tried out was the Baufix Motor Bike. This toy is an adorable wooden construction set. It comes with an instruction book with clear pictures for how to build 3 different models. My son is almost 3 and the age recommendation is 3 - 6 years. He couldn't quite follow the instructions or make anything that we could recognize. However, he had so much fun playing with the wrench and screws - he thought he was just like daddy. When he and his father worked together to build the motor bike, they both had so much fun. I can see this as a toy he will continue to enjoy and will like even better as he gets older. Fortunately, it is so well made it will last a long time. Hopefully I can keep up with the pieces!

The final toy we got to test out was the Bowling Knights. While this wooden bowling set is made to use on your table, we got a kick out of setting it up on the floor. Connor is not quite ready for conventional bowling but he really liked knocking over the knights. He preferred that they always be assembled in a straight line and then he would kind of throw the ball at them. Surprisingly this entertained him for a good while. He also has a good time using the Knights (pins) as people. They go for many rides in his school bus. I also believe that this wooden toy will continue to grow with him and will become just as fun (if not more) when he understands the real way to play the game.

If you are looking for high quality toys that are unique - check out Golden Key Toys. They also have beautiful doll houses and a great collection of games. Check out the video of Connor playing with his Automoblox & Bowling Knights:

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