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Summertime is here! But that also means it's time to be extra cautious about your skin. Protect-A-Bub has an amazing line of sun protection products for your children. I don't think there is really anything that you can't find there. It's scary when you realize that 90% of skin cancers are caused by sun exposure and this makes me want to be sure I'm doing all I can to protect my son!

I love the sunshades at Protect-A-Bub. The shade for your car seat is brilliant - it will work on your infant or your toddler seat. Connor is always complaining about the sun being in his eyes or it being "too-bright" outside. This shade is easy to attach to your car-seat & it protects from 98% of the sun's rays! The adjustable flaps make it easy for you to adapt to the direction of the sun and keep your munchkin protected! They also have sunshades for your stroller, even a sunshade for the back seat of a tandem stroller. They also have a full sunshade for your jogging stroller.

Protect-A-Bub's swimwear is probably my favorite thing from their suncare line. These suits are so versatile. They protect your child from 98$ of the sun's rays and are UPF 50+! I like that you can just wear the shorts or the top, or both. The best thing about having the shorts and top separate is that diaper changes are so much easier! I'm always worried at the beach that as soon as Connor starts to roll around in the sand and play in the ocean - his sunscreen becomes useless. I just don't think sunscreens stand up that well to the things toddlers put them through. With this swimsuit - I'm a lot less worried! The swim shirts are even available with long sleeves.

Bottom line for me was that Protect-A-Bub made it much easier to protect my bub! Their prices are very reasonable (swim suit sets are under $30) and after a close call with skin cancer in our family - Protecting my loved ones from the sun's damaging rays is incredibly important to me. You can save 10% when you use the code protect4spring at the checkout - don't miss out on the savings!!Best Blogger Tips

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