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I Love You More by Laura Duksta is the cutest book for a mother to read to her child. Maybe that's why it's been a New York Times Bestseller twice! I really connected with the story of a mother and son's love for each other. It was just so sweet. The best thing about it to me was that it was told from the child's view and the mother's view. When you get to the half way point in the book you turn it over and read it from the other perspective. I can see Connor reading it to me - when he learns to read of course!

Currently, this book is one of our bedtime story musts! I enjoy reading to Connor about how much I love him and he likes telling me that he loves me more. I'm not sure if he understands what he is saying but I still enjoy hearing it. I also like the creative ways that the mom and son describe their love for each other. I strongly recommend picking up a copy of this adorable book for your family. It has definitely become one of our favorite books and we have a lot of books. If you can find a story that my son enjoys that isn't about cars or trains, then it is a keeper! Visit Sourcebooks to get a copy of I Love You More. Below is some pics of Connor enjoying the book:

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Laura Duksta said...

I am so glad I clicked on this link and found your blog post! I am the author of I Love More and I have a "Google Alert" set for my name. I click on the links when I have time and boy am I glad I did today! Thank you for that beautiful review. And mostly...thank you for sharing pictures of your *star* Connor reading our book...how precious!
That made my weekend!

Keep Shining!
Laura Duksta

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