The Perfect Girlie Solution

“Awe, how old is HE?” “HE is so cute ” “What is HIS name?” These are common questions and statements that I have been getting ever since my 2 month old daughter was born. Now I am not the type of mother who freaks out when these questions and statements are asked and / or said; however, it does get a bit frustrating.

Recently, I have come across the perfect girlie solution: Bows 2 Cute It is a genius invention. These bows are made for very fine hair, very little hair or barely there hair; therefore, perfect for infant hair. I was a little skeptical at first since my daughter does not really have any hair, but I just simply slid the snappie bow through her hair, and it actually ended up staying there

Bows 2 Cute offer a variety of bows from the snappie (which is great for infant hair) to the french clip (which is great for thick hair). The bows come in all colors and designs like flowers, animals, or even just plain colors. Plus, Bows 2 Cute have priced these adorable bows at an affordable rate.

Thanks to Bows 2 Cute, people will be asking / saying: “Awe, how old is SHE?” “SHE is so cute ” “What is HER name?”

Look at Baby Jaden sporting her adorable bows from Bows 2 Cute:

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