The Jelly Baby Changing Pad

I just love Kuster's Jelly Baby Changing Pad! What's not to like about the 1st ever changing pad made out of memory foam? Since we got the memory foam pad for our bed - I've been sleeping much sounder. I think it's great to find a changing pad that will provide my baby with the same degree of comfort. The shape of the changing pad was specifically designed to fit baby.

Another thing that I love about the Jelly Baby Changing Pad is that the surface is easy to wipe clean. It seemed like I had to have so many covers for my old school changing pad because it was inevitable that ever time I changed Connor - I would get it the cover soiled. It is such a luxury to me to be able to quickly wipe down the pad instead of constantly increasing my laundry load. However, the pad does come complete with a washable liner should you like to have one in plac when changing your child. The memory foam also stays warm to the touch taking away the worry of baby getting upset because it's cold!

I personally will never go back to my old changing pad. Kuster's Jelly Baby Changing Pad is far to convinient & comfortable for me to return to a pad that never really seemed that soft to me. Plus the design of the Jelly Baby is much sleeker & modern! Save 10% when you purchase it from Bare Babies and enter the code nwb10offkuster at checkout!!Best Blogger Tips

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