The next best thing to bare feet!

Pediped not only makes high quality shoes for children 0 - 5+ years but they have found a way to make them cute as well! Pediped's originals are designed for children age 0 -2 and are made to support the natural development of their little feet. These shoes are so flexible - made from soft leather soles (3 layers of comfort & protection) and a flexible upper! They are also carefully made with a non-slip bottom.

Connor is enjoying his Pediped sandals! He is wearing shoes from Pediped's Flex collection which is made for children 2 -5+ years. These shoes are also designed with your child's growing foot in mind. They are made to allow maximum movement and are incredibly flexible. All of the shoes have a shock absorbing cushion on the heel & skid proof soles. One of my favorite thing about these shoes is that they all include a 2mm insole to help the shoes fit longer. It makes the shoes fit a small foot better and as the foot grows can be removed to make the shoe last/fit longer. A huge plus to me because it seems that Connor needs new shoes everyday. I also loved that he could put these shoes on himself - which is very important to a toddler craving his independence.

Just to give you one more reason to shop at Pediped - from now till June 15, 50% of proceeds on select shoes will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation. It definitely makes you feel a little less guilty about buying that extra pair of shoes your little one might not need but you can't resist. Also - use the code hapr08 to get free shipping when you buy your new shoes!! Here are some pics of Connor wearing his Pediped Flex sandals:

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