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IPlay Toys Sing Along CD Player has quickly become one of Connor's favorite ways to express himself. The minute he pulls this toy out he thinks he's the next American Idol. The toy comes complete with two microphones - I assume so that his friend could sing along too - but Connor uses them both at the same time. He wants to be sure that everyone hears him. I wasn't sure if my almost 3 year old son would be able to operate this CD player all on his own, however, he has no trouble using it at all. He know how to change the CD, turn up the volume, and work the remote.

I have gotten a kick out of watching him preform his concerts all over the house. He also grabs this to take along for car rides or visits to his grandparents. I love that he has found a toy that he can express himself with. It has been smartly equipped with skip protection and so far - even with the numerous drops it has suffered - the Sing Along CD Player is holding strong. The design of the player is really cute and the stars even light up to the beat of the music!

The only complaint I have about this musical toy is that my son likes to play it loud & to sing even louder. It's a great toy for keeping him entertained and he absolutely loves it! If you are looking for a toy that your kid will love - this is not likely to disappoint (just pick up some earplugs for yourself!). I've gotten pretty good at tuning out the background and for me it's worth it to have him entertain himself for a while! Who knows....you little musician could be the next American Idol and the Sing Along CD Player could be just one step on their road to stardom.

Presenting.....drumroll please.....Connor live in concert!
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