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Made by Mama is truly that - all of the items in this shop are hand made by a mom. She even makes her adorable hats from recycled fabrics! You'll find that she has lots of options in her shop. The picture above shows the too-cute ties she makes for little men. We have some pics of Jaden trying one on for us. The neckties are made out of recycled men's neckties and they have a really stretchy elastic band that secures it to your child. At first I thought ummm...will this choke my child? But the necktie had plenty of breathing room and it didn't bother Jaden in the least. Plus - it's adorable!!

You'll also find some really fun crayons in Made by Mama's shop. She has Crayon Dots (like the ones in the pic above), jumbo flower crayons & crayon rings. I love these because the colors are so versatile depending on how your child holds their hand and they are so much easier for little hands to hold. The crayon rings are perfect for your little one's 1st art project!

When you visit Made by Mama make sure you check out the really cute hats - like the Robin Egg hat on Jaden below. All of her hats are one of a kind! Also you don't want to miss her baby thigh highs - they are really fun. My favorite pair is the yellow thigh highs with the red strawberries - this is so perfect for summertime!!! By the way - the prices are awesome! Nothing in this shop is over $20 and most of it is under $10. Enjoy the pics of Jaden modeling Made by Mama creations:

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