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My skin is always dry it seems and I love to apply moisturizer to it. Korres makes a great balancing cream gel for your face. It has the delightful scent of pomegranate, plus the cream is non-oily and contains SPF 6. It also helps to prevent premature aging by using avocado extract! I have really enjoyed using this cream gel and I have found it works great as a makeup primer or to apply right out of the shower. The pomegranate works to tighten your pores - I had no idea pomegranate had that ability!

There's many reasons to add Korres to your beauty regimen - here are a few things you might like to know about how Korres keeps their products natural:
  1. They use natural vitamin E instead of the synthetic version of vitamin E because natural has stronger antioxidant properties
  2. Korres uses vegetable oils instead of mineral oil because mineral oil blocks the pores of your skin
  3. Their specialized combination of vegetable oils gives their products a velvety, non-greasy feeling that is easy to absorb and it provides nourishing moisture
Some of my other favorite products that you don't want to miss out on from Korres:
  • Guava Body Butter - this ultra moisturizing cream works great on elbows, heels, & knees or you could indulge and use it on your legs! The almond, sunflower, and avocado oils in the butter work to restore your skin's elasticity & smoothness. The scent is great too - it smells clean, fresh, and relaxing!
  • High Protection Sunscreen Emulsion For Children - SPF 30 sunscreen that is made specifically with your child's needs in mind. It has antioxidant rich sunflower extract which supports the UV-stressed immune system of kid's skin.
  • Body Milk - I'm loving the citrus scent because it makes me feel fresh and revived! This product is filled with elements that awaken your skin by providing an energy boost to your skin cells. It also supplies your skin with long lasting hydration.
I only hit on a few of the great natural products available. Make sure you check out Korres yourself to see what they have for you!!Best Blogger Tips

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