Get back to Wonderland

Just Be Designs is the quirky & creative jewelry shop run by a New York mom of three! She has always had a passion for creating jewelry and it's lucky for us that she feels that way. Her handmade creations are so unique and beautiful. I love all of her Alice in Wonderland inspired pieces. Maybe it's the little girl in me or the fact that I love the old-fashioned appeal of the jewelry. She has so many gorgeous designs in her shop. You'll find lockets, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and even cufflinks.

I'm not kidding - you have to go visit the Just Be Designs Shop. You'll end up "needing" at least two to three of her creations to complete that outfit. Another thing to love about her shop are the prices - most the jewelry ranges from $8 - $28! That is pretty hard to beat!

Below are some pics of my Alice necklace:

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