29 Weeks - Shade Maternity Tees

Now that you are expecting you have probably already noticed the lack of affordable & comfortable shirts available. It's pretty easy to find a tee with a funny saying but s simple well fitting white t-shirt.....good luck! I was so thrilled when I found Shade Clothing! They offer a line of solid maternity tops available in 6 styles. The tops fit really well & the are long enough to cover your belly no matter how big that bump gets. Shade's maternity line also uses a thicker fabric that kept everyone from seeing the intimate details of my belly button! The best part? All 6 styles have an amazing price range from $9.99 - $24.99!!

Even if you are not expecting Shade Clothing has a line of great tees, tanks, swimwear, & dresses. I know that the simple white tee that I have from their line has become my go-to top because it's comfy and it matches everything. See what Shade Clothing can offer you!! Below is some pics of me wearing my Shade Maternity Tees:

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carina said...


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Carina - Maternity clothing

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