28 Weeks - Mama Black Jeans

There are two items that I have struggled to find since becoming pregnant - maternity jeans & maternity shorts. While I have yet to discover maternity shorts that work for me, I did stumble upon some great maternity jeans! Mama Black actually makes maternity jeans that are flattering and affordable. I can never find jeans that are long enough for me (I'm about 5'8). These jeans are the perfect length and they fit my body. Usually when I find pants that are long enough they are too lose around my legs or rear, but the Mama Black jeans fit just right.

Another reason to love Mama Black is that they are stylish and comfortable. The low fitting maternity band keeps you from having that strange line across your stomach peeking through your top. The jeans have fit me since I barely showed and continue to fit me as I begin my 7th month. I'm pretty sure they will fit me until the end of my pregnancy and because they are not obviously maternity - I can wear them until I get back to my pre-pregnancy size (if that takes anywhere near the time it did with Connor then I will be wearing these for the next year - good thing they are cute!).

You can find Mama Black jeans in a variety of styles. They have straight leg, boot cut, and slight flare. You can find jeans available in white or black too. You can also choose between the many different pocket styles and a low band or a long foldable band. I love the Electra White Jeans I'm sporting in the pics below - they are perfect for summer! Did I mention that Mama Black jeans are made to lift the behind (nice to have a little help!)? Unfortunately for expectant mothers stylish maternity clothing is not cheap but the Mama Black jean line is reasonable and you will actually be confident when wearing the pants.

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