Be Green By Nature

Why should you want to pick up some of the great products available from Green By Nature? There are so many reasons that I just decided to make you a list!!!
  1. All of their products are 100% Paraben Free! Why should you care? Paraben is a suspected cancer causing agent in women - surprisingly this perservative is found in 95% of our moisturizers, shampoos, even our gel!
  2. All of their products are also 100% Sulfate Free! Why should you care about sulfates? Sulfates strip away your skin's natural protective barrier and cause irritation. Sulfate is basically a harsh chemical detergent.
  3. All products are 100% DEA Free! Again you might ask - why should I care? DEA is a chemical used to create foam richness in cleansers and it's believed that while undergoing manufacturing DEA can form cancer causing nitrates. Anything that could possibly contribute to my cancer risk is a product I will avoid all together!!!
  4. They don't do any animal testing
  5. All of their products are great and they are naturally scented! My personal favorites are the Almond Cocoa, Coconut Milk, and Lavendar Vanilla.
  6. They have lip care products like Lip Butter, Lip Polish, and Lip Glaze.
  7. The Lip Glaze is one a my favorite products because it has peppermint oils in it and gives your lips a refreshing, cool sensation!
  8. They have 5 different products to use on your body! My recommendation is the body butter! You have to try it because it makes your skin so soft and even gets rid of my problem dry spots - like elbows and knees.
  9. Green By Nature takes care of your hands & feet too! You can find a great selection of products but my favorite has to be the foot cream. It can work wonders on your dry cracked feet. It is so moisturizing and has quickly become one of my favorite ways to pamper myself at the end of the day.
  10. Their prices are affordable - for example - the lip glaze is only $4.99 and the foot cream is only $8.99.
In summary, you should check out Green By Nature and see what they have to offer you! I have yet to try a product from them that I wasn't thrilled with and I've discovered that I can't get enough of the Foot Cream, Body Butter, & Lip Glaze!!Best Blogger Tips

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