Miss Matched Socks are no longer an issue!

My husband is constantly teasing me because Connor's socks never match. Maybe it's the small size of his socks or Connor's tendency to take them off everywhere, but I can never find the mates to his socks. I love Little Miss Matched because they have made fun socks that aren't supposed to match. In fact they come in sets of three socks and while the colors coordinate - they don't match from the beginning. I have had more fun with these adorable socks because the pressure to match has been lifted! Why should kids have to be match anyway? - and it doesn't hurt that I can tell my Hubby they are supposed to be that way!

Little Miss Matched offers lots of fun products! They have PJ's, tights, onesies, swimsuits, bibs, blankets, flip flops, and so much more! All of there adorable products feature fun, bright colors. I guess with all the options offered by Little Miss Matched the only question you have to ask is "how miss matched can you be?"

We did a slide show of Connor playing around in his Little Miss Matched Socks:

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