Jump start your senses with Sensory Edge

Sensory Edge is a creative website featuring educational toys as well as adorable kids furniture. The site was created by parents who realized a need for a place specializing in toys that are not just cute but good for their kid's developing minds. Sensory Edge is dedicated to finding great kids products and offering them at really competitive prices. I found so many unique toys on this site that I had never seen before. They offer many options that you just can't get at Toys R Us.

They sent Connor the Click Clack Tree by Plan Toys. He was so amused by this toy. I don't know what it is about the ladybird balls that slide back and forth to the bottom but it is so entertaining for my little one. He has sat there for hours just sending the ladybird balls down and then sending them down again and then down again....you get the picture.

I'll tell you what I love about this toy- it is really well made, even the ladybird balls are wooden. This toy will be around longer than I will. I also love the creative design and the bright colors. I enjoy looking at the toy and I don't mind letting it hang out outside the playroom. Not only is the design cool looking but it's very safe for your child - they assemble their toys without using the typical toxic wood glue and they round off the rough edges. This toy also helps stimulate vision in young children and it teaches cause & effect. That's a whole lot of reasons for a mom to like a toy.

When you look around at Sensory Edge you'll see that all of their products are as carefully selected as the Click Clack Tree. They all have an educational purpose and they are safe for your little angel. We did a short video of Connor playing with the Click Clack Tree so that you could see what he thought about it.

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