The Abbyroo- the easy way to find your stuff

Maybe it's just my problem but my diaper bags eat the items I put in it. I promise some of the stuff that I put in there never comes out again. It's one of my life's great mysteries as to what happens to stuff once it enters my diaper bag. Heaven forbid I should actually need to find something in there. That is why I love the Abbyroo. It is so smart the way it zips open to reveal all these individually zippered mesh compartments. I don't think this bag has much of an appetite.

I have had a great time toting this organized bag with me. I can find my keys, wallet, sunglasses and lip gloss. Finding a pen is no longer a struggle and it has made keeping up with Connor's junk a breeze. I can find his books, diapers, snacks, juice box, toys, band-aids, and all the other odds and ends moms tote around. There is not much that doesn't call my bag home but at least with the Abbyroo - it is an organized home.

I did a demo to show you how organized the Abbyroo is and all that it can hold:

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