Hmm...we made that when??

You know that it has happened to you so many times - there you are standing in front of your fridge with a container of leftovers in your hand asking "how long has this been in there?". That is the reason why I love the Days Ago Digital Timers. I am always trying to figure out has it been too long to eat this Chinese takeout or leftover spaghetti. Days Ago has so many easy ways to attach the timers to your food - they have suction, magnetic, and bands (pictured above). I don't know about you but stuff that enters my fridge rarely comes out without some new ingredient on it that I definitely did not add. The Days Ago timers will count up to 99 days - but I would strongly advise against eating 99 day old leftovers -eeek! Although it might be kind of amusing to see how long stuff stays in your fridge, kind of a gross experiment to reveal your fridge up keeping skills.

New mommies - try out the Days Ago timer for your bottles. It's amazing how much all those little bottles look alike, not to mention that remembering which half-drunk bottle you put into the fridge at 3 am is basically impossible. If you put a timer around each bottle then it will be easy for you to see which one is safe to give to your bundle of joy. I've been using mine on Connor's chocolate milk sippy cups and always on the Chinese takeout (that stuff has some kind of super power to always be in my fridge). Get yours here!!Best Blogger Tips

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