Cute & Lightweight Swaddlers from Aden & Anais

Aussie mothers created the great swaddling wraps from Aden + Anais (named after their children) when they couldn't find swaddlers in the state that met their needs. It's a good thing they decided to help us out because these swaddling wraps are amazing! They are made from light weight breathable muslin cotton that allows airflow and keeps your baby from overheating. They are also larger then the typical baby blanket which makes swaddling much easier.

When Connor was born the nurses at the hospital could swaddle him so quickly and tightly. However, whenever I tried to swaddle Connor he would escape my wrap pretty much instantly. We tried using the swaddlers that velcro together but he could usually escape from those as well. I also hated how thick the velcro swaddlers were because it was August and they felt so hot. The breathable material on the Aden + Anais swaddling wraps is a great solution to this problem.

When you order Aden + Anais swaddling wraps they come complete with very simple instructions on how to swaddle your child. When I tried it out I could actually swaddle properly the 1st time! You can also use these swaddling wraps for an open sheet, a nursing shield, a burp cloth, summertime blanket, and over your stroller for added shade. Visit Aden + Anais to get yours today! Also check out our quick demo video on how to swaddle using an Aden + Anais swaddling wrap and their helpful instructions. This is her 1st time swaddling!

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