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Snazzy Baby has some great new products for moms. I love their Knee Pads! They are great for a crawling child because they will save your baby's little knees. We used them on Connor for knee protection while he was trying out his skates. After he fell down several times, I saw how useful the Knee Pads were in preventing skinned knees. I also loved how well the pads stayed on him - other knee pads I have purchased for Connor have never quite fit right and constantly slid down.

Snazzy Baby also sells the 3 in 1 Plus Combo Carrier. You can use this to keep your munchkin upright in a chair, secured in your shopping cart and attached to your body. We tried this out on Connor and found that it made a really good hip carrier for him. He thought it was so fun to be toted around on mommy. If you aren't in need of a carrier you can get the Deluxe Travel Chair which does all of the same things as the 3 in 1 without the carrier. Below you can see pics of Connor in the 3 in 1 Plus Carrier and a video of him using his Knee Pads.

Here is a video of the Knee Pads in action:
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