3 Sprouts

I would love to find a 3 Sprouts sleep sack available in my size. The fabric used inside this sleep sack is so luxurious and soft. I know that my baby will be sleeping comfy! I love the smart design of the sleep sack - it buttons on the shoulders to make dressing baby quick & easy. It also has a convenient side zipper that makes a nighttime diaper change much easier! I also love the fun colors and contemporary design on 3 Sprouts Sleep Sacks - in this situation less is definitely more.

In a world where SIDS is a fear for every mom - a sleep sack is a great alternative to putting a blanket over your child. Plus - with a sleep sack you can be sure your little monkey won't kick the blanket off and get cool during the night. You can find 3 Sprouts sleep sacks for sale at Land of Nod & Giggle. Below are some pics of Baby Jaden in a 3 Sprouts Sleep Sack!

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Anonymous said...

very cute sleep sacks!

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