Shampoo Happy!

Looking to find non-irritating organic products for your little one's sensitive skin? Little Twig has lots of products that meet that criteria and the scents are great too! I love the way Connor's hair smells after I use the Tangerine Shampoo on his hair. There is just something so sweet and innocent about a child who has just come out of the tub with his damp hair & PJ clad body. Little Twig's shampoo is hypo-allergenic, tear free, and 100% natural. It uses no synthetic fragrances and no artificial colors. You can also get Little Twig's Baby Wash in the same great Tangerine scent, Lavender, or Scent-free.

Little Twig has Bubble Bath, Baby Oil, Baby Powder, Bodymilk (one of my absolute favorites!), & Diaper Cream. We have been using the Bubble Bath & Bodymilk on a daily basis in my home. Connor loves getting a little massage after his bath and I have enjoyed using his Bodymilk on myself as well. The Bubble Bath is one of Connor's requirements for bathtime and the unique formula of aloe, vitamin E & shea leave his skin silky smooth after his bath!

The Little Twig Travel Pack is so cute. I adore the Bee scrubby mitt that comes inside the reusable bag. It makes washing off a wiggly toddler much easier & a little more fun. The pack comes complete with diaper cream, baby wash, bodymilk, and baby powder. Simply toss this cute little bag into your suitcase and you are ready to go! It's also a great way to sample Little Twig products. When it comes to your child's skin it is so nice to be able to use a kid friendly product that contains only safe & natural ingredients. Visit Little Twig to see all that they have to offer you!Best Blogger Tips

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