Juvenile Solutions

There is very little that you can't find from Juvenile Solutions. They have so many great products for your little ones. One of their best selling products is the Baby Cubes. These are similar to ice cube trays except they are complete with a lid. Baby Cubes are perfect for storing your baby food - they stack easy and you can just toss the perfect sized portion into the microwave!

You can also find Messeez covers for your high chairs and car seats. I really love using the cover for my high chair. I got so sick of trying to wipe all the crumbs out of Connor's high chair. The Messeez cover is easy to put on and then after he eats I just pull it up and dump the crumbs in sink. Quick & easy - a Messeez Cover keeps the mess where it belongs.

The Sip n'Stroll Cup Holder is really handy. I love my single stroller but it does not have a cup holder for me and that drives me crazy. The Sip n'Stroll attaches to any stroller really easily with a velcro wrap. It has a place for your cell phone & your keys. My favorite feature is the hook that is below the cup holder, perfect for hanging your shopping bag on!

There is a little bit of everything at Juvenile Solutions. You'll find bibs, booster seats, baby scrubs, sleep sacks, bassinets, and more. Check out the video of us using the Sip n'Stroll Cup Holder, Messeez High Chair Cover, & the Healthy Eating Feeding Gift Set:

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