The Rock'n Rody

Connor had so much fun playing cowboy on his Rody! This cute little horse inflates and hops around your house much like a bouncy ball. It's made of latex free vinyl and you can inflate it to fit the size and weight of your child. This cool toy helps your child learn coordination and balance. A word of caution - be careful where your child uses his Rody. It is easy for them to bounce over - so I would recommend only using this toy on carpet until your child masters it.

Another really cool thing about the Rody is that you can get a base for it that quickly turns it into a rocking horse. Your child can still bounce up and down on Rody but now they can also rock back and forth. Once you put the base on you no longer have to worry about your child losing their balance on the Rody. Connor liked this horse with or without the base. He had a great time hopping around and then pretending to ride it!

I think one of the nicest things about the Rody is that you can deflate it and store it. Once deflated it takes up very little space and makes it an easy to take on trips or put up in the closet. I also love that its a product that can grow with your child and forces them to be active. I try to get Connor to bounce on Rody when he is watching his cartoons (hey - at least he is exercising!).
You can buy your Rody and his base here. Check out my little cowboy riding his Rody!
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