27 Weeks - Pregalates

I am not a big fan of exercising. Actually, I kind of hate it. The only way I have found to motivate myself is to go to the gym because I feel stupid not working out in front of people. The only problem with this is getting me to the gym! However, after I gained over 50 pounds when I was pregnant with Connor and it took me over a year to get close to my pre-pregnancy weight - I have come to the revelation that this pregnancy I am going to stay fit!

Pregalates is a great Pilates based DVD series for pregnant women. There are 4 DVD's in the series - each uniquely designed for the three trimesters of pregnancy & one for post-pregnancy. Midwives have been raving about the benefits of pilates during pregnancy. Pilates has been said to make delivery & recovery easier and to help alleviate back pain during pregnancy (and that is just a few of the potential benefits)!

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Pregalates. I love the instructor's Australian accent! I also love how clear & easy she makes each step of your workout. I liked the simplicity of the video - it's just you and the instructor, no distractions. I felt like I was getting a one-on-one lesson in my home. I didn't finish my workout out of breath or covered in sweat but it was definitely a workout. I was amazed by how sore my body was the next day. Even more shocking, I wanted to do it again! It actually left me feeling energized. I am excited to have found a way to work out from my bedroom and to stay fit during my pregnancy! Visit Pregalates and you can buy the volume of your choice or you can get the whole set!Best Blogger Tips

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