Naked Paint?

Ok - I admit it - it was the name that caught my attention (and you shouldn't be ashamed to confess either). When I saw NakedPaint I thought what is that? What is it used for? I was intrigued to find out that NakedPaint's Belly Butter is used to help prevent stretch marks on expectant mothers. I'm thrilled to find as a walking baby oven, that there is a special product like Naked Paint out there just for us! We have to give up sushi and cocktails, it's about time we had something a little bit unique and special!

Once I got past the saucy name and tried out the Belly Butter - I found that I really like it! The butter has a thick, rich texture that reminds me a little of cake icing. It rubs in leaving you feeling really hydrated and protected without a greasy residue. I liked the subtle scent and the way it soothed my itchy skin. I have also been told by my non-preggo friends that they loved this product as a moisturizer for them (obviously they didn't get my memo about this being a special privilege for pregnant women). In short - NakedPaint's Belly Butter is now a necessity in my home and I would recommend it to any mother.Best Blogger Tips

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