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Planning a road trip with kids? Entertainment can be a challenge. Even though our car has a DVD player Connor gets bored with videos pretty fast. We try to name the colors of the passing big rig trucks but that gets old really quick. Buddie Packs have a website full of products to entertain your munchkins and they even sell the backpacks to pack them in.

We recently went on a short road trip and I decided to try Buddie Packs out on Connor. We filled an adorable monkey backpack (available at BuddiePacks) with the Buddie Pack for a 3-5 year old boy and a magnetic car game (also available at Buddie Packs) - the result was a well entertained toddler for over an hour. An hour in toddler time is almost a miracle!

Buddie Packs are really neat because they are designed to fit an age range and sex. The majority of goodies in the pack are disposable and meant only to entertain for a period of time. Connor loved the Magnetic Mini Dozer and the Make an Animal Sticker sheet that came in his Buddie Pack. He also really like the Magnetic Racing Cars Game (however I would not reccomend this if your kids still put things in their mouths because the magnets are small). I don't think he had a clue that it was some type of game but he loved lining up the magnets around the race track and then sliding them into new positions.

If you have older children then Buddie Packs has some really fun entertainment options. The have Brain Quest for the car, Scratch & Solve Hangman and fun books like All American Car-I-Oke. I really want the magnetic Sodoku for myself. I really liked that Buddie Packs also has cute bacpacks on their site. It was fun to give Connor his own little bookbag full of goodies for the car. It really made it special and exciting for him - plus he can use the bookbag when he gets home too!

Here is a short video of Connor playing with his Buddie Pack goodies:
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