I always want to have long, full eyelashes like to celebrities do. I know that the odds are they are sporting false eyelashes but I still want to have that glamorous look. I definitely don't have the time to apply false eyelashes in the morning but I have found a way to get close to the same effect. Fiberwig uses fibers to lengthen and enhance your lashes. The more you apply Fiberwig the thicker and longer your lashes become. The unique brush keeps the mascara from clumping and the result is much longer lashes!

One of my favorite things about Fiberwig is that it doesn't smear or run down my face should I cry. The coat of fibers used when applying Fiberwig creates a film cover that won't become affected by humidity or sweat!Yet, to remove Fiberwig I simply use warm water. I remove it in the shower with my fingers moistened from the warm water and then I just lightly rub my lashes. Try is out for yourself - Fiberwig is very affordable at only $22!Best Blogger Tips

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