Clean Logic

I've often been envious of the pre-soaped disposable washcloths that Connor uses. They just seem so simple and easy to use. Yes, I realize that right now I'm sounding pretty lazy. But the point of my pointing out my slacker side is to tell you about Clean Logic's Soap Sponge. This is the ultimate is easy to use soap products. First you get the perfect soap storage case, perfect for travel. The you have the soap that surrounds the exfoliating sponge. When you use the sponge soap it gently cleans & exfoliates your skin!

You can get your soap sponge in 4 great scents - cucumber melon, lavender, peach berry, & warm vanilla. While your checking out Clean Logic Body Care products makes sure you see the great body washes & lotions they have available. They are paraben free & made of natural ingredients! They use ingredients like rice, sugar, & peppermint extracts and come in Refresh, Relax, and Enjoy!Best Blogger Tips

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