Little Capers save the day

Little Capers was created by two college friends who wanted a better alternative to clipping dish towels to their boy's shirts. They came up a with a line of adorable tees featuring detachable capes. My favorite part is that they're not your typical Superhero tees (ex: Batman, Spiderman, etc..), they are nameless unknown heros and they allow your child to be creative. Everytime they put on their Little Capers tee they can be a different hero with powers they invent!

Connor kind of gets the whole superhero idea but he mostly runs around screaming "Super-man" or it could be "Super-max". However, he loves the cape on the back of his shirt and he thinks that he is super-something when he wears this tee. I like to believe he is having little hero adventures in his mind as he plays but who knows? Either way, Little Caper tees are adorable and fun. It's nice to be able to dress your child in a unique shirt full of imagination. Little ladies, fear not - they have girly superhero tees too!!

Here is Connor playing in his Little Capers tee:

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