Baby Momo

I absolutely adore the items available at Baby Momo's Etsy store. How cute is the Fuzzy Fishbowl Tag Bowl pictured above? It is really refreshing to see a new take on the typical taggie blankets and this little toy is so soft it also works great for a pillow. I really like the bright, fun colors used! Make sure you also see the stuffed kiwi and cupcakes - they are so cute!!!

My favorite Baby Momo item would have to be their Baby Mats! These soft mats are so perfect for tossing in your diaper bag. They roll up incredibly easily and are just the right size for baby. They are also thicker than your typical blanket which makes them the perfect surface for baby's tummy time. I think that I will always be toting one around in my car or bag when my little baby boy arrives!

Baby Momo has such a great variety of fun and unique items in her shop. I am also a bug fan of her Mini Blankies. These blankets are cleverly designed with a loop you can put around your wrist or attach to your car seat, stroller, carrier, etc..(now you won't lose or drop your baby's blankie). They also have this incredibly soft fuzzy fleece material on one side!

Visit Baby Momo to make sure you see all that it has to offer. You'll find fabric gift bags, burp cloths, gift wrap, kids aprons, tote bags, so-cute elephant pants and much more!! Here is a quick video of some of the items I tried out from Baby Momo. A special thanks to Baby Jaden for her help with this video!!
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