Keep wet where it belongs

Monkey Foot Designs has created a stylish product that any parent could put to good use. The wetbag comes in a variety of fresh & vibrant fabrics. The wetbag is made to store anything you wet or something that you don't want to get wet. It is perfect to for storing soiled kids clothing or wet swimwear. The large bag will hold a lot more than you would think. I put my son's suit, my suit and my husband's suit inside and we still had room to spare.

The wetbag was a lifesaver for us this weekend. We used it non-stop while we were at the beach. I used it to tote my camera and video camera in while we were on the beach. It kept out the sand and the water. We had to head home before our suits had time to dry - so we tossed them in the wetbag. Did I mention you can throw the wetbag in your washer? This is great because you can also use the wetbag to store cloth diapers when you are out or your kids accident clothing. It keeps the smell in and doesn't damage the outer fabric because the inside is waterproof. When you get home you can toss it in the washer and it's good to go again!

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