The Frog that gave bathroom organization a makeover

I could not resist writing a review for another great product from Boon! I think that the Frog Pod is so incredibly cute. This helpful green frog is designed to keep the bathroom toy clutter to a minimum. It gives you a clever way to create both storage and organization - and it does so in a fun kid-friendly way. When you install the Frog Pod it gives you the option of using suction, screws or adhesive strips (I thought this was great if you didn't have the bathtub/shower combo and suction would not work).

The Frog Pod has a handy spot up top to put your child's shampoo and body wash. The frogs feet and hands are perfect for hanging washcloths or loofahs - we also use it to hang Connor's swimsuits to dry. The best thing about a Frog Pod is that it is used to scoop up all of the toys floating in your tub and it drains the water out. The toys are easily stored until the next time you play and it reduces mold & mildew. The Frog Pod also comes complete with fun foam shapes to put all over the sides of the tub during bath tub play.

Connor had a lot of fun playing with the toys that came with his Frog Pod and I had a lot of fun looking at the clutter free bath tub! Here is a little video of the Frog Pod in action:
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Alexia said...

I have the Boon Frog Pod too and LOVE it!

fitri said...

i love this frog.
can have this one?

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