If these walls could talk...

Wallables are an interactive way to decorate spaces for your kids. They attach to the wall with an easy on off velcro system and come in a large variety of shapes and designs. What makes them interactive? Wallables play music and speak when you push on their soft forms. We tried out a set of four stars and not only did they play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but they also glow in the dark! Connor was thrilled to have these on the wall above his bed. A night light that sang too was a very cool concept to him.

Wallables also offer Letters that when pushed say the letter and when placed to form a word will then spell the word for you. I love the idea of spelling out your child's name in Wallable letters. What a fun way to learn to spell your own name! It's also a cute and unique way to decorate. I bet they would be useful when placed on the wall by the changing table to occupy a muchkin who hates getting their diaper changed.

We did a short video to show the Wallables in action:

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