Goodnight Our World

Goodnight Our World has the cutest books for your children. Each book in the line is from a different location and features images and a wording unique to that location. We loved the Good Night Atlanta book! Connor was so excited to see that it even had a picture of a train in it. I was very entertained by the book and impressed by how accurately it depicted some of Atlanta's most popular destinations. It was really cool to be able to point to pages in the book and say "We've been there Connor. Do you remember?" It's a great way to show involve your kids in a book!

I also think it would be adorable to pick up a book prior to any vacation that is specific to your trip destination. How fun for you kids to read and see pictures of the place they will soon be visiting. The wording is simple enough to read to a toddler but because of the content I think older kids would enjoy it as well. They also have a cute books like Goodnight Zoo and Goodnight Beach for you to enjoy if they haven't made it to your city yet. Visit Goodnight Our World to see a list of the locations they have books about. Here are pics of Connor reading his Goodnight Atlanta book:

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