26 Weeks - Flaunting It

You simply must visit the Flaunt It Maternity shop at Etsy. I love the tee that they sent me. It fits perfectly and is so comfy (always a big concern for me). My shirt says "Does this baby make me look fat?" and every time I wear it people can't help but laugh. The tops at Flaunt It Maternity are hand dyed and really unique. I adore the artsy maternity tees. The tees from Flaunt It Maternity are really reasonably priced (ranging from $14 to $22). Maternity clothing can get so expensive so it is really great that they give you quality tees that you can actually afford. One more thing that I love about this shop is that they offer solid tees. I really like the color options available and the fit is perfect. I have a lot of trouble finding maternity tees that fit right. The one's at most places are always a little too short to cover my maternity pants (maybe my torso is too long), but the tees at this shop fit just right! Below is a pic of me sporting my funny tee:

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